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Car Tips

Tips For Car Maintenance And Safety


Tips for Getting More Miles Out of Your Gasoline


With today's high gasoline costs and a heavy focus on the depletion of our natural resources, it's worth spending a few minutes out of your day to make some modest changes to your car that can help you get better gas mileage. 

The following Vehicle and Driving Tips from Ramsey Auto Center can help you improve your vehicle's fuel economy.

Vehicle Suggestions

-Make sure your tires are properly filled and checked on a regular basis.

-Maintain appropriate alignment of your front suspension and steering.

-Use the thinnest viscosity oil recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer.

-Maintain the mechanical condition of your vehicle's engine.

-Make sure your vehicle's engine is in good working order and that the air and fuel filters are clean.

-Check to see whether your brakes are dragging.

-Body damage must be repaired, and crumpled body panels generate aerodynamic drag.

-If your car doesn't require premium gasoline, don't use it.

Driving Suggestions

-Warm-up time should be kept to a minimum; newer engines do not require it.

-Idle your engine for short periods of time; switch it off when you leave the car or if you have to wait a long time.

-Avoid jackrabbit starts and "dumping" the clutch; instead, aim to accelerate gradually from a stop.

-Close the windows and switch on the air conditioning while traveling at high speeds in modern automobiles with aerodynamic features.

-Use the ventilation system in older automobiles with poor air conditioning compressors.

-Prepare for merging traffic and stoplights; smoothly decelerate and accelerate.

-Make the most of your vacations by planning ahead of time. Plan a route that permits you to run most or all of your errands in one trip if you need to travel numerous places.

-Remove any unneeded stuff from the truck. Fuel mileage is affected by extra weight.

-When it's practicable or practical, carpool.

preventative Maintenance 
Always refer to your vehicle's owner's handbook for precise instructions. Ramsey Auto Center can supply you with a printout of your vehicle's recommended maintenance.

Getting Your Car Ready For all seasons
Mechanical failure is inconvenient at best. During extreme winter conditions, mechanical failure can be fatal. Preparing your car for the winter or summer by doing some simple preventative maintenance will make it more pleasurable to drive, last longer, and maybe save your life. We think it is our obligation at Ramsey Auto Center to keep you and your family safe on the road.

During winter driving, Ramsey Auto Center advocates keeping emergency supplies in your vehicle. Gloves, boots, blankets, flares, shovel, sand or cat litter, flashlight, and a mobile phone should all be included in this pack. It would also be advisable to have a few "high energy" snacks with you. 

During summer driving, Ramsey Auto Center advocates keeping mittens in your car. use them so you don't burn your hands on the steering wheel or seatbelt. Also locate a nice tall refreshing glass of whatever iced tea, cold brew or water. Try to park in shadowy parking spots and only go out after 9pm when the sun is down. 

Engine Performance: Have any concerns with engine driveability, such as hard starts, poor idle, or reduced power, checked and rectified before the winter arrives. These issues will be exacerbated by the cold weather. Ensure that filthy filters, such as air filters and fuel filters, are replaced as soon as possible. If you're having any driveability concerns, please let the Ramsey Auto Center Service Manager know so we can take care of them right away.

Fuel: Adding a fuel additive to your fuel tank on a regular basis can prevent moisture from freezing in the tank and fuel lines. For additional information on fluid additives, contact your Ramsey Auto Center Service Manager. Keeping your gasoline tank full will also help to reduce the amount of moisture that builds.

Oil: Replace your engine oil and oil filter every three months or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is especially important in extreme cold & heat and if your driving consists mostly of stop-and-go or frequent short journeys.

Cooling System: Every 24 months, your engine's cooling system and antifreeze should be properly cleansed and replaced. In most cases, a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water is advised. Remove the radiator cap only when the engine has totally cooled. Professionals should inspect the tightness and quality of drive belts, hoses, and clamps. In our 21-point inspection, Ramsey Auto Center checks the coolant/antifreeze level, quality, and concentration, as well as your belts and hoses. Every automobile, every time, receives this free examination.

Battery: Professional equipment is the only method to accurately test for a weak battery. There are a few routine maintenance activities that will assist your battery get through a harsh winter or summer: 1. Remove any rust from the battery posts and cable connections; 2. Clean all surfaces; 3. Tighten all connections. 4. Check fluid regularly if the battery caps are detachable. Please tell your Ramsey Auto Center Service Manager if you would want a battery and electrical system test or a battery service conducted on your car.

Tires: In the harsh weather months, worn-out tires will be useless. Tires should be inspected on a regular basis for remaining tread life, uneven wear, and cupping. Look for cuts and nicks on the sidewalls. Tire pressure should be checked and maintained at appropriate levels. After the tires have cooled down, check the tire pressure. Tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles and properly balanced every 10,000 miles for best longevity. Keep an eye on your spare and make sure your jack is in good operating shape.

Windshield Wipers: Replace your windshield wiper blades once a year, according to Ramsey Auto Center. 

Installing rubber wrapped (winter) blades to combat ice build-up will assist if you live in a tough climate with harsh winters. Inquire with your Ramsey Auto Center Service Manager about having these blades installed on your car. Always have a supply of windshield washer fluid on hand; you'd be surprised how much you'll need throughout the winter. Always keep an ice scraper in your vehicle.

Heater/Defroster: For passenger comfort and appropriate visibility on the road, the heater and defroster must be in excellent functioning order. Any problems with your heater or defroster system should be reported to your Ramsey Auto Center Service Manager right at once.