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Car Tips

Car maintenance can be a pain,

But it's worth it to avoid driving in rain.

At Ramsey Auto Center in Glendale, Arizona,

We've got tips to help your car stay far from trauma.

Tires that are properly filled and checked,

Can help your car pass its driving test.

Keep your front suspension and steering aligned,

For better performance, you'll be delighted.

Thin viscosity oil is a must,

To keep your engine in excellent form, you'll trust.

Clean air and fuel filters are key,

To keeping your car running smoothly, can't you see?

Brakes that drag will slow you down,

So get them fixed, don't let them abound.

Body damage should be repaired,

To avoid aerodynamic drag, don't be scared.

Premium gasoline may not be needed,

Regular will do, no need to be greedy.

Warm-up time can be kept brief,

In newer cars, it's not necessary, that's brief.

Idling for long periods is a no-no,

Turn off your car, or else it will go-go.

Accelerate gradually from a stop,

No need for jackrabbit starts, make sure to top.

Air conditioning is great at high speeds,

But in older cars, the ventilation system heeds.

Plan ahead for trips, it pays,

Carpooling is great, and so are highway stays.

Remove excess weight from your truck,

It will save on fuel, no need to get stuck.

Emergency supplies are crucial in winter weather,

Blankets, shovels, and snacks, they'll all come together.

Mittens in the summer will save your hands,

From burns on the steering wheel or seat belts, it withstands.

Engine performance is important to check,

Hard starts and poor idles, they're a neck.

Filthy filters should be replaced,

To keep your car running smoothly, no need to be disgraced.

Fuel additives will prevent moisture freeze,

In the tank and lines, no need to sneeze.

Keeping your gas tank full is a plus,

Less moisture will build, no need to fuss.

Antifreeze levels should be checked too,

To avoid overheating, no need to say boo.

Battery, belts, and hoses should be inspected,

To avoid breakdowns, no need to be dejected.

Wiper blades should be in good condition,

To see clearly in the rain, no need for exemption.

Heating and cooling systems should be checked,

To avoid discomfort, no need to be vexed.

Exhaust systems should be inspected too,

To avoid carbon monoxide, no need to say boo.

So don't delay, come see us today,

At Ramsey Auto Center in Glendale, Arizona.

We'll keep your car running smoothly, no doubt,

With our help, there's nothing it can't do without.

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