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  • Starting at $49.95
  • Don't buy a used car lemon! Tell your seller to meet you at Ramsey & w...

    120 US dollars
  • Don't waste gas by driving around with clogged and dirty fuel injector...

    $189 -$50 = $139.95
  • Don't worry. We will figure it out. That's what we do best.

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  • Already know what's wrong?

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  • Is your AC blowing hot, slow or not at all? Doesn't matter, we can fix...

    Free AC Checks!
  • Finally ready to tackle those repairs you've needed to put off?

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  • “Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads”

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  • Is your car leaking fluid?

    Pricing Varies
  • Keep your vehicle driving and shifting smoothly with our state of the ...

    Starting at $249.95
  • Keep your car running cool all year long with our top of the line cool...

    $124.95 plus coolant
  • Are your brakes feeling soft or unresponsive? Maybe squeaky or grindin...

    Free Visual Inspect
  • Cars should drive straight when you let the steering wheel go.

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  • Has it been a while since you did a full engine tune up?

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  • Don't pay for your own emission repairs! Let the VVRP- Voluntary Vehic...

    100 US dollars
  • Is your car slow to start? Did your kids leave the dome light on all n...

  • Got busted for a DUI and the judge mandated this sillly contraption to...

    Starting at $175
  • Make sure your car steers smoothly and safely

    $74.95 plus fluid
  • If you need a tire replacement, repair or mount & balancing. We have w...

    Pricing Varies
  • Need a new muffler, tail pipe, catalytic converter, or hear an exhaust...

    Pricing Varies
  • Did the dreaded check engine light come on?

    Free Code Scan

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