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Vehicle Maintenance

& Repair

From oil changes to tire rotations and beyond, we'll keep your car in tip-top shape, if you so respond.


So don't wait, give us a call and set a date, and we'll have your car purring like a kitten and running straight.

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hitch logo

Tow Tow, Tow your boat, gently down the street. Merrily Merrily Merrily, your rig will glide like a dream.  


We don't just sell, we also install, Our team of experts, will leave no detail unfulfilled.

Snapon Logo

Expert Computer Diagnosis 

Decades of experience with top quality SNAP-ON tools & equipment, That's what you'll find here, no need to repent.

We've been fixing cars and making them run like new, because of our expert team with tools that are true red white and blue.

interstate battery logo

Battery Services

Need a test, charge or new battery? We've got you covered, that's no joke or chicanery. We carry a full line of Interstate batteries, In stock and ready to go, no need to scour the cities.


So bring your car on by, and let us do the rest, We'll have your car starting up with zest.

frigi charge logo

BG- Climate control service

Introducing BG Frigi Clean!

The perfect product for your auto machine. It cleans the vents and evaporator, Making your AC work greater.

With BG Frigi Clean, you can be sure, Your car's AC will work pure. It eliminates odors that cause a fuss, And makes your car smell fresh, not must.

VVRP emissions Ramsey Auto Center

Can't pass emissions and can't afford the bill? The VVRP program will foot the cost, if your car is feeling ill. Up to $900 of your repair, it will pay, So bring your car to Ramsey Auto Center today.


We'll fix it up and have you back on the road, No need to worry about the cost, as the VVRP code has you bestowed.

transmission ramsey auto center
suspension wishbone
brake and caliper ramsey auto center

Transmissions, brakes, suspension and more!

Need a filter or a flush? Or a brand new transmission in a rush? Whatever it is, Ramsey Auto Center's got you covered, don't be flustered. Our team of skilled technicians can handle it all, From simple maintenance to a major overhaul.


So bring your car on in and leave the rest to us, We'll have it running smoothly, without any fuss.

winshield wiper replacement

Windshield wiper replacement

engine tune up

Keep your car running smoothly, without any strife, With regular tune-ups from Ramsey Auto Center, it'll be running just right. Our skilled technicians will inspect and adjust systems with care, Replacing any worn or damaged parts beyond repair.


So don't wait, give us a call and set a date, And we'll have your car running smooth, without any hate.

BG products Ramsey Auto Center

Complete Line of BG products and services

all systems diagnostic

Electrical Diagnosis

If your car's electrical system is acting up, leave it to the pros at Ramsey Auto Center. We'll diagnose the issue with precision and care, and provide the necessary repairs to get your car's electrical system back to its fair. From a faulty battery to a short circuit and more, we've got the knowledge and tools to handle it all.

Don't ignore the signs, give us a call and we'll restore your car's electrical system to its former shine.

fuel injectors clean and dirty

No need to worry about water and spray, Our wipers will keep you on your way. And if you need them installed, no need to fuss, Just leave it to us, we'll get it done for you on the double plus.


So don't let your visibility go down the drain. Come see us today, we'll fix it without any pain."

We're trained to use BG products with skill, To give your vehicle the best chance to thrill.

BG products are top-of-the-line, With engine cleaners and transmission fluid so fine. Power steering services and fuel system cleaners too, Your car will be as good as new.

Is your car's fuel system in need of a lift? Bring it to Ramsey Auto Center for our dual stage fuel injection service, it'll be running swift. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly clean and service your fuel system, ensuring that it's running at its best. From improved performance to better fuel efficiency, the benefits of our service are plenty.


So don't delay, give us a call and set a date, and we'll have your car's fuel system running smooth, without any debate.

cat strap protection logo
cat strap protection logo

Catalytic Converter Replacements and theft protection

Our prices are fair, our work is top notch, We'll have you driving clean in no time, with no need to botch. And if you've had the misfortune of a stolen converter, Fear not, we can fix that too, and make your car purr like a tender. So don't hesitate, come see us today,


We'll get your catalytic converter sorted out in a jiffy, hooray!"

dash cover ramsey auto center
dash desings logo
dash cover ramsey auto center

Custom Dash covers

Come to Ramsey Auto Center for the best dash covers around, We've got a wide selection, custom fit to your car with no bound. Our covers will protect your dashboard from the sun's harmful rays, And keep your car looking cool, in every single way.


Choose from a variety of colors and styles to match your personality.

Your car will thank you, and so will your wallet's salary.

r134a ac
r134a service for all vehicles prior to 2017

r134a and r1234yf services available!

No matter what type of car you drive, We'll have your AC blowing cold, so you can arrive at your destination with ease and thrive. Our technicians are the best in the biz, They'll have your AC fixed up in no time, with no need for a quiz.


So don't sweat it, give us a call, We'll get your AC running smooth, and beat the summer heat, y'all.

1234yf ac
r1234yf service for all vehicles 2017+

New Tires & Repair

tire rack card

Got a flat or a blowout that's causing you woe? Come on down to Ramsey Auto Center, where we'll fix it, don't you know. We've got a wide selection of tires to fit your car and your budget.


And our skilled technicians will get them installed, balanced, and strut it.

intoxalock installation


If you've been ordered to install one, we can help, we'll get it done. Our team is certified to install, remove, and recalibrate with ease, Ensuring that you are in compliance and free from any unnecessary fees.


We understand that this can be a trying time, But rest assured, we'll make the process just fine.

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