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How to save money on vehicle emission repairs in Arizona!

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (AZDEQ) has a program called the Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program (VVRP) that is designed to help car owners keep their vehicles in good working condition, while also reducing emissions and improving air quality. In this post, we'll explain how the VVRP program works and how it can benefit your car.

  1. What is the VVRP program? The VVRP program is a voluntary program that provides financial assistance to car owners who need to make repairs to their vehicles to reduce emissions. The program is available to Arizona residents who own a car that is not currently in compliance with Arizona emissions standards.

  2. How does it work? To participate in the program, car owners must first have their vehicle tested at an emissions testing station. If the vehicle fails the emissions test, the car owner can then apply for assistance through the VVRP program. Once approved, the program will provide funding to cover the cost of repairs that are needed to bring the vehicle into compliance with emissions standards.

  3. What repairs are covered? The VVRP program covers a wide range of repairs that can help reduce emissions, including repairs to the engine, emissions control equipment, and catalytic converter. The program also covers diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the emissions problem.

  4. How much assistance is available? The program provides up to $900 in assistance for each eligible vehicle, to be used towards the cost of repairs. The funding is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and it is subject to availability of funds.

  5. How do I apply? To apply for assistance through the VVRP program, just fail your emissions test at any testing facility and bring in your paperwork to Ramsey Auto Center and we will do the rest.

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